Design Help Please...

This is your inside track to expert home design at a fraction of the cost of hiring me for an in home, design experience.  A wonderful benefit to those who thought this kind of service was out of reach or to those not living in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California.  For a rate of 200, discounted from my usual 275 per hour, you'll receive a phone conversation with me where you can ask any design, decor or color questions you have. I work for you and you can ask me anything.  You can send an email with photos before the conversation and we can go through them together. Want to FaceTime? I'm here for you!  You'll receive the same careful direction I provide to my most exclusive clients.  I'll help you achieve the stunning project space you've always dreamed of.  Reach out and let me help you love your project!

Just fill out the simple form below and we'll set up a time and get started!


Kasten Design​ Works